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RFC1491 - Shared Whois Project (SWIP)
Posted by Nick Rose, Last modified by Nick Rose on 30 December 2013 07:54 PM

Enzu Inc. only permit's a SWIP Request compliant with the standards set forth via RFC1491 ( See Attached rfc1491.txt )

We only allow a SWIP Request to be completed on the following:

  • IPv4 Subnet allocations of a /24
  • IPv6 Subnet allocations of /64 
  • No other Subnet Size's will be SWIPPED / Delegated no matter the requesting reason. Unless required by a Government Entity / Request.

Please complete one of the attached Templates ( simple.txt, or detailed.txt ) and submit it via its own Ticket to our Network Department in the following format.

Example Subjet would be as follows:

  • SWIP Request IPv4 -
  • SWIP Request IPv6 - 2605:F700:1525:250::/64

 rfc1491.txt (34.07 KB)
 simple.txt (3.23 KB)
 detailed.txt (5.24 KB)

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