Managing your server with IPMI
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Managing your server with IPMI


IPMI is a remote management platform that sits separate from the Operating System on your server. It also has its own Network Stack and IP. You can access the IPMI board with any standard web browser that supports Java. Unfortunately, Java is required for the more advanced features in the IPMI board like Remote Console and Remote Media.

Managing your server remotely with IPMI gives you full control of the server. You will be able to power on/off, hard reboot, spawn a virtual console, reinstall the OS, view sensors logs and many other things. This document will help to familiarize you with the basic functions of the IPMI board.

Logging In

First, locate your Welcome Email. In this email there will be an IPMI hostname, login, and password.

Copy/paste the hostname into your web browser and you should be presented with a page resembling this:

Main Authenticated Area


Remote Media / Remote Console

The remote media function provides a virtual CD-ROM drive to your Dedicated Server via your home machine. This function is not very fast, however, it is very useful. We suggest you boot a Network Install based image, this way you will only have to rely on your home connection to upload a small sized image and let the servers connection finish the rest of the installation.

The first thing you will need to do is click the IPMI preview box which will open up a Java session and connect you to the servers console.

Click on the Virtual Media tab and click on the Virtual Storage option:


From here, click the Logical Drive Type dropdown and select ISO File, then click Open Image, browse to and select your image and click Plug In.


Now simply reboot the machine, enter the BIOS and either set your boot device priority to CD-ROM or in the last tab of the BIOS you may have an option to forcefully boot from CD-ROM.

Rebooting / Cold Reset

If your OS has become unstable and requires reset, simply navigate to the main authenticated area (The second screenshot on this page). From this page, below the IPMI preview there is a box with an option to Power on, off, or reset your machine. Please note, this is not how you should normally reboot your server! You should always reboot your system within the operating system if possible.


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