Password Security
Posted by Zac J, Last modified by Nick Rose on 21 February 2016 05:31 AM

Password Security

One of the problems with passwords is that we tend to forget them. In an effort to not forget them, we use simple things like our child's name, our daughter’s first name and birth date, etc. While you may think a hacker would never be interested in your VPS, you would be completely wrong.

For the curious hacker who has somehow obtained access to your system, this is the equivalent of locking your car door but leaving the driver side window wide open. These days, without even resorting to any specialized tools, a hacker can login to Facebook/Google and attempt to discover your basic personal information. Your name, children’s names, birthdates, pet names, and so on. They will try all of those as potential passwords.

To create a secure password that is easy for you to remember, follow these simple steps:

  1. Do not use personal information. You should never use personal information as a part of your password. It is very easy for someone to guess these.
  2. Don't use real words. There are tools available to help attackers guess your password. With today's computing power, it doesn't take long to try every word in the dictionary (and other language dictionaries).
  3. Mix different character types. You can make a password much more secure by mixing different types of characters. Use some uppercase letters along with lowercase letters, numbers and even special characters such as '&' or '%'.
  4. Use a passphrase. Rather than trying to remember a password created using various character types which is also not a word from the dictionary, you can use a passphrase. Think up a sentence or a line from a song or TV commercial that you see all the time. It's very unlikely anyone would ever be able to come up with this, even if they knew you very well. For example, "Where's the Beef?”. Most crackers look for easy pickings and do not even include a “space” in their character lists.
  5. Use a password generator: There are many password generators on the internet. These generators are great for creating strong passwords that are difficult to crack.

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